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Higher Education Institutions from Sonora

CIAD is the Research Center for Food and Development, an institute devoted to the research in the fields of food, nutrition and health, environment and regional development.

It is located in the Northwest of Mexico with 6 campus in the states of Sonora, Sinaloa and Chihuahua. CIAD employs more than 130 researchers with PhD degree.

It belongs to the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) and offers 4 postgraduate programs in the fields of Science and Regional Development. All programs belong to the National High Quality Postgraduate Program (PNPC) which means that all the accepted students are awarded with a CONACYT scholarship, if they do not have a different award.

CIAD also offers a place for Bachelor students with interest to perform thesis work, practices or social service.

Posgraduate programs

We offer 4 postgraduate programs:

  • Master of Science program requires a Bachelor degree in chemistry or biology sciences and related fields.
  • Doctor of Science program requires a Master of Science degree in food science/technology, horticulture, toxicology, ecology/environment, aquaculture, biopolymers, biochemistry, biotechnology, microbiology or nutrition.
  • Master of Regional Development program requires a Bachelor degree in social sciences, economics or humanities.
  • Doctor of Regional Development program requires a Master of Regional Development or Master of Arts degree in the fields of in social sciences, economics or humanities.

Contact Information

Dr. Herlinda Soto Váldez, PhD
hsoto@ciad.mx and programas_academicos@ciad.mx
+52(662)280.0021 and +52(662)289.2400, ext 262
University Website

Public institution of scientific research and graduate education in social sciences and humanities founded in 1982. The main commitments are to generate new knowledge of social reality that will help to transform, train, retain and regain intellectual resources, disseminate research findings and manifestations of regional culture, become open forum for discussion of local and regional issues and form a regional body of knowledge.

Academic Degress

  • Master in social sciences.
  • Master in integral water management.
  • Doctorate in social sciences.

Contact Information

Tania Reyes Woodhouse, Academic Evaluation and Management
+52 (662)595.300 ext. 2406
University Website

The Cajeme Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESCA) is located in Cd. Obregón, Sonora, municipal seat of Cajeme.

Its educational offer consists of 9 bachelor’s degree programs with 16 specialties in, in addition to 4 graduate programs, 1 of them attached to the National Graduate Program of Quality of CONACyT.

Currently, one of the educational programs offers Dual Training (Environmental Engineering).

Contact Information

Lic. Obed Valenzuela Fraijo, Director de Vinculación.
+52 (644) 4108650 Ext. 1503
University Website

Instituto Tecnológico de Hermosillo (ITH) is part of Tecnológico Nacional de México (TecNM). ITH offers 10 major programs, such as Industrial Engineering in English, and Biomedical Engineering. We offer 4 masters and 1 doctorate in science program.

ITH has obtained the National Award of Entrepreneurs twice. Our students participate in Russia, Germany, China, United States, Canada, and Colombia.

ITH is leading institution in engineering studies.

Contact Information

Mtro. Adolfo Rivera Castillo, Principal.
+52 (662)260.6500 ext. 114 y 118
University Website

The Technological Institute Of Huatabampo is an institution whose mission is “To be a vanguardist and sustainable Higher Education Institution, with the highest quality standards to satisfy the demands of globalization”. Likewise, he has the vision ” To train competitive professionals through the application and updating of technologies to respond with quality and innovation to the changes demanded by the environment in which they operate”.

To achieve this, the Institute has implemented an Integrated Management System, whose policy states that: “The Technological Institute of Huatabampo has the purpose of training highly competitive professionals with practical and multidisciplinary knowledge, establishing a commitment to implement all their processes sustained in the satisfaction of its students, in the protection of the environment and prevention of pollution in the determination of the magnitude of the risks, the prevention of the damages and in the improvement of the health of its personnel, likewise controlling the magnitude of the use of energy in the activities carried out to comply with the educational service, through the implementation and continuous improvement of an integrated management system that meets the objectives, goals, legal requirements and others established by the ISO 9001 standards: 2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 50001:2011 and those established by the institute and the interested parties”.

Professional Careers

Currently our technological institute has in its educational offer with 9 professional careers, which are mentioned belows:

  • Engineering in Information Technology and Communications.
  • Computer Systems Engineering.
  • Engineering in Business Management.
  • Engineering in Food Industries.
  • Engineering in Administration.
  • Mechatronic Engineering.
  • Mechanical Engineering.
  • Industrial Engineering.
  • Public Accountant.

Contact Information

Mirla Cervantes Soberanes, Director.
+52 (647)426.1477 ext. 105
+52 (668)169.0569
University Website

The Sonoran Institute of Technology (ITSON) is an autonomous public university funded by the society since 1955. We are located in northwest of México, in the border with Arizona of United States. It has 6 campuses: Guaymas, Empalme, Navojoa, Huatabampo and in Obregón, Campus Náinari and the Central Campus.

An institution committed with social development; it has more than 18,000 students and specialized faculty members that offer education services, research and development focused in the improvement of the well-being, self-sufficiency, health, and survival of the communities where it has presence.

ITSON offers Bachelor Degrees in the areas like: business administration, Humanities, Arts and Engineering, some of them are: Administration, Tourism, Physical Education, Graphic Design, Education, Psychology, Food Technology, Biotechnology, Civil Engineering, Electromechanic Engineering, Chemistry, Veterinary Medicine.

As well as Master and Doctoral Degrees recognized by the National Postgraduate Program of Quality, some of them are: Master of Engineering Science, Master’s Degree in Natural Resources Sciences, Master of Organizational Management, Master in Educational Research, Master in Psychological Research , Master in Information Technologies for Business, Doctorate in Sciences specializing in Biotechnology, Doctorate in Systems and Educational Environments, Doctorate in Engineering Sciences, among others.

ITSON has cooperation agreements with universities in Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America. It is a university that values the sports culture and the cultural growth of its students.

Contact Information

Mtra. Mónica L. Gómez Juráz, Head of International Affairs.
asuntos internacionales@itson.edu.mx
+52 (644)410.9000 ext 1620
University Website

“Our mission is to offer a relevant and quality education service for the training of competitive professionals, based on an integral, harmonious and sustainable development that allows them to respond to the challenges that society demands. In our institute, our students are trained in Electromechanical Engineering, Computer Systems Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Business Management Engineering and Mining Engineering.”

Contact Information

Mtro. Ramón Enrique López Fuentes, President.
+52 (645)332.5017 ext 101
University Website

The Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Puerto Peñasco is an institution founded in the year 2000, celebrating in this year 17 years of its creation.

Currently offers four careers, Business Administration, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Computer Systems Engineering. It has three buildings to attend an enrollment of 565 students.

Recently has started the creation of a Foreign Language Center to fulfill the needs of language teaching, especially the English language.

Contact Information

Raquel Cibrián Valle, MED.
+52 (638)383.1217
University Website

Founded in 1980, Universidad Estatal de Sonora (State University of Sonora) is a non-profit public higher education institution located in the medium-sized city of Hermosillo, Sonora.

Officially accredited and/or recognized by the Secretaría de Educación Pública, Mexico (Secretariat of Public Education, Mexico), Universidad Estatal de Sonora (UES) is a coeducational higher education institution.

Universidad Estatal de Sonora (UES) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor degrees in several areas of study. “We are known for being such a great host university in cultural activities and internship placement for incoming students in Mobility Programs”.

Contact Information

Mtro. Guillermo Alfonso Gaxiola Astiazaran, Academic General Secretary.
+52 (662)689.0100 ext 8202
University Website

We are a private, Christian-inspired university with Lasallian charisma and 26 years of presence in the northwest region of Mexico. We belong to the global system of Lasallian institutions, and backed by more than 300 years of educational experience worldwide.

We share the same educational philosophy with more than 70 institutions in Mexico. We are also part of La Salle University Network that links 15 autonomous campuses in our country, whose academic offer responds to the needs of the geographic and social context.

Our mission is to promote the integral formation of people, so that they become quality professionals, encouraged by Christian values.
Our vision is to be an university that stands out for its academic quality based on research and innovation, for its determined commitment to transforming social responsibility, and for the integral training of people capable of forming a more just and inclusive society.

Contact Information

Ing. Ana Laura Mendoza Argomaniz, Head of International Relations and Academic Mobility.
+52 (644)410.60.52
University Website

We are an institucion with a 35 year experience in forming the best professionals.

We have 13 careers such as: Business Administration; Law; International Trade; Accountant; Education; Journalism and Social Comunication; Psychology; Childcare and Child Development; Gerontology; Computer Systems Engineering; Industrial Quality Engineering; Graphic and Digital Design Engineering; Mechatronics Engineering

Contact Information

Dulce Anamia Romero Zayas, Academic Mobility.
+52 (662)259.0808
University Website

UNILIDER was founded in September 2008 as an educational, high-quality alternative built upon a foundation of considerable academic experience.

We offer bilingual high school, six undergraduate and two graduate programs, with classes held on our main campus and in our original, historical building in downtown Hermosillo.

As a student at UNILIDER, you will acquire professional knowledge and competitive skills through our different academic and extracurricular activities, which contribute to your fundamental and integral development.

Contact Information

Yamilett Espinoza, Student Life Director.
+52 (662)215.7997 ext 2117
University Website

Founded in 1942, it is recognized as the best institution of higher education in the northwest of Mexico and within the fifteen best in the country.

Unison offers approximately 100 undergraduate and graduate programs in six campuses, 91% of students are enrolled in undergraduate high-quality programs, and it offers 32 quality graduate programs (67%), two with international certification. Research is one of the institution’s main strengths.

Contact Information

Ing. Marisol Delgado Torres, Subdirección de Cooperación y Movilidad.
+52 (662)259.2266
University Website

UTE is located at “Valle del Mayo” in southern Sonora, México. This valley is an important area of agricultural production and offers amazing oportunities in the food processing sector.

UTE offers the following careers: Sustainable Agriculture, Food Process, Bussiness, Paramedic and Information Technology.

All academic programs are made according to the needs of the labor market to offer better development oportunities for our graduates.

Etchojoa is an Etnic town where the culture of the “Mayo tribe” has a significative influence in the population. UTE students have created a traditional culture group to recreate the traditional dances like “Danza del venado”, “Matachines” and “Pascolas”.

Contact Information

José Félix Gómez Anduro, Director de Vinculación.
+52 (647)4250.772 ext. 103
University Website

The technological University of Guaymas works under a Bilingual, International and Sustainable Model (BIS). Which is a groundbreaking model of higher education in Mexico, unique to Latin America with a qualified and certified teaching team.

Our educational model operates with International Universities, from other educational systems abroad, so students will have the opportunity to study in foreign institutions. So one requirement could be to be able to travel.

Contact Information

Daniel del Sol, Vinculacion´s Department Dean.
+52 (662)225.0852

Karen Pedrin, Language Department Coordination.
+52 (662)142.1992

Our main goal is to train students with knowledge, skills, and values through a high-quality educational model to become competitive professionals, highly committed to the development of their city, state, and country. The Technological University of Hermosillo, offers 12 programs for University Technician and 10 Engineering programs. We have a strong link with the industrial and productive sector of the region to meet their needs of qualified professionals. educational systems abroad, so students will have the opportunity to study in foreign institutions. So one requirement could be to be able to travel.

Contact Information

Ramón Aguilar Aguila, Cooperación Académica, Movilidad e Idiomas.
+52 (662)124.1467
University Website

At the Technological University of Nogales (UTN), learning and practicing becomes part of your daily life. Study and grow professionally in an environment where nature harmonizes with technology. Come, meet us and choose us as your option with future.

Established in 1998, beginning the history of our University, being one of the first three Technological Universities of the State of Sonora, pioneers in the implementation of the Universitarian Superior Technician Education system, a model based on the best practices of the University Institutes of France, which promotes the integration of practice and presence of students in companies from the very first years of their academic formation. At the moment we are part of a system of more than 100 Technological Universities in the country, which will allow you to have student mobility in any of these.

Today our university is still among the best Technological Universities, providing the opportunity to study thousands of young people in the northeast of Sonora, maintaining a high academic level based on the experience of the teachers and the quality of our facilities, all with the purpose of being at the level of what our students and the productive sector demand.

From the year 2009, the University offers our students the opportunity to continue their studies to a bachelor’s degree level, once graduated as UST, letting a student conclude his degree in 3 years and 8 months, with the attributes of intensity, relevance, linkage, flexibility and educational quality.

An aspect worth highlighting is the relevance of our educational programs where more than 80% of our graduates are placed in the labor market, which drive the economic, scientific and technological development of our region, state and country.

In our University you will also find a space to develop your artistic, cultural and sporting skills, participating and representing the institution in local, regional and national events. We also have medical and psycho-pedagogical support that will help you to be fully strengthen as a person and a professional.

As a student of the University you will be able to participate with some of our research academic bodies to develop scientific and technological projects to be applied in the public, private and social sectors, because we have a team of researchers recognized nationally by the Ministry of Public Education.

For all of the above, we invite you to be part of our University, your University. Come and meet us, and choose us as your option with future. You’ll be surprised!

The University offers 8 University Senior Technician majors and 6 engineering majors
• International Logistics Engineering
• Mechatronics Engineering
• Productive Systems Engineering
• Industrial Maintenance Engineering
• Information technology Engineering
• Aerospace Engineering

Contact Information

Perla Janine Frías Hernández, Directora de Vinculación.
+52 (631)311.1830 ext. 1003

Karen Hazzel Mak Huerta, Jefa de Departamento de Prácticas y Estadías.
+52 (631)311.1830 ext. 2213
University Website

We are a relatively new University with a commitment of quality and relevance in the development of the region and the country, forming leaders with the skills required for the productive and social sector. Currently, we have 6 educational programs, practice labs, 2 educational buildings, library and administrative offices. We soon want to be a higher education institution recognized at the state and national levels for its educational quality, innovation, leadership, accredited educational programs, promoting the application of sustainable energies and linking with the productive sector in benefit of society.

Contact Information

Roberto Karam Gutiérrez, Director de Vinculación.
+52 (638)102.1213
University Website

Universidad Tecnológica del Sur de Sonora (UTS) is a higher education institution located in the Northwestern part of the country in the state of Sonora. It is dedicated to form highly prepared professionals in different technological, scientific and business areas.

This university offers technical majors that learners can study in two years with the objective of preparing them to join the workforce promptly with the possibility of additionally studying an engineering degree in less than two years.

The majors that are offered at this institution at technician level are: Marketing, Information and Communication Technologies, Production Processes, Mechatronics, Business Automotive Aftersales Service and Aeronautic Manufacturing in the area of Precision Machining.

The majors at engineering level are: Information Technologies, Business Management, Production Technologies and Automation Technologies. One of the main objectives behind the philosophy of this university is to offer education with social responsibility that will impel students to improve the social environment in which they live.

The Language Department of this university along with the division of Professional Studies, have the aim of enabling students with educational tools that can prepare them to accomplish success in their professional careers anywhere in the world.

Contact Information

Mtra. María Enedina Hernández Flores, Head of Department of School Services.
+52 (644)414.8687 ext 164
University Website

Founded in 1960, Universidad del Valle de México (UVM) is one of Mexico’s top 10 universities. With more than 120,000 students, UVM also is Mexico’s largest private university.

UVM offers high school, undergraduate degree (traditional and working adult) and graduate degree programs on 38 campuses. UVM is part of the largest university network, kwon as Laureate International Universities with presence in five continent.

Contact Information

Alan Alfonso Arellano Lara, Director de Admisiones.
+52 (662)289.1300 ext 28025
University Website

Founded in 1960, Universidad del Valle de México (UVM) is one of Mexico’s top 10 universities. With more than 120,000 students, UVM also is Mexico’s largest private university.

UVM offers high school, undergraduate degree (traditional and working adult) and graduate degree programs on 38 campuses. UVM is part of the largest university network, kwon as Laureate International Universities with presence in five continent.

Contact Information

Alan Alfonso Arellano Lara, Director de Admisiones.
+52 (662)289.1300 ext 28025
University Website