About Us

About Us

About the Global Consortium Project

The project was started by a group of Higher Education Institutions from Sonora in a session of the State Commission for Higher Education Planning.  They decided to form a group, and pursue certain objectives such as presenting Sonora´s opportunities to the world, and attract global citizens into the State, seeking to take advantage of what the world has to offer and offering Sonora to the world.


  • Promote education, innovation and technological development in the State.

  • Articulate a Global network (academic institutions, research centers, companies, associations, professionals, etc.)

  • Contribute in international, national, state and regional organizations for: planning and coordination of higher education, science, technology and innovation.

  • Approve and make compatible generic, specific skills, and competences which will allow greater mobility and exchange as well as the professional qualifications of students and teachers.

  • Promote links with the productive sectors, so that strategic alliances can favor the economic and social development.

General Interests of Sonora for Collaboration

Education Institutions:

International mobility and interaction.

A. Bachelor´s Degree Students.
B. Postgraduate students.
C. Faculty.
D. Managers.

  1. Visits and networking activities (Students, teachers and managers).
  2. Accreditation (of programs, studies and processes).
  3. English teaching.
  4. Research (on thematic axes or strategic sectors).
  5. Provision and promotion of sources of funding: scholarships, funds and supports.
  6. External linkage (Networks and academic Associations, industry, others).
  7. Information sharing best practices.
  8. Planning and special projects: cultural exchange, online education, innovation, others.